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About Me...

After completing my studies at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada I moved myself to Bangkok to begin my professional life. It was April 2000, the excitement of the millenium celebrations were still fresh. Things started for me with a year long stint as an art teacher at a bilingual school in Bangkok. After a year, graphic design work presented itself, and I jumped on the opportunity to work in the field in which I'd studied. That job led to a better one, which led to even better work. Soon I found myself designing magazines for Asia's largest contract publisher, Media TransAsia Thailand.

Amazing creative opportunities presented themselves while working for Media TransAsia. From a design perspective I was given almost free regin over a variety of titles, while also having the opportunity to work with one of Thailand's premier art directors, and a variety of editors. My experience and skills creating maps was the reason I initially got the job, and although I loved the day to day work of producing monthly magazines, my love of maps would eventually be the reason why I left MediaTransAsia in 2004. I departed from Thailand and returned to the United States to serve as lead graphic artist for Discovery Map International, the US's largest franchising illustrated map publisher.

Discovery Map International was located near my parent's home and place of birth about 2 hours north of Seattle. While working there I had the opportunity to oversea production over 20 existing maps and be a part of creating 5 brand new maps, After nearly two years with Discovery Map though, I decided to make the big leap and began working for myself making maps.

Although maps are my passion, I also have extensive experience with cutting images, photopainting and advance collage techniques. I have been using Photshop since I was 13 years old, professionally since I was 21. At 38 that means that I have been using the software for well over half of my life now. This long experience with Photoshop, and Illustrator for that matter, gives me a confidence that allows me to be flexible and creative with any project, under any kind of timeframe. All combined my skills and technical knowledge gives me great versatility when designing publications of all kinds, especially those realted to travel, tourism and education. This means I can work quickly, without ever sacrificing any quality.

Moving forward with my career and life I plan to stay on the same path I've been riding for the last decade, making any sort of project involving maps, while living my life to the fullest. If you have some interesting project that you would like me to be a part of then please don't hesitate to contact me HERE